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Real Estate For Sale in Tuscany Make Your Dreams Come True

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Real Estate For Sale in Make Your Dreams Come

Almost anyone who has seen the film or read the book “Under the Tuscan Sun” has toyed with the idea of chucking it all and embracing the rural Tuscan lifestyle, made of simple living in touch with nature. Those that have traveled to usually have an even stronger drive to pursue this dream: who visited Arezzo, Siena, Florence, Cortona and other beautiful Tuscan cities and countries knows that these places are able to leave people breathless, so is no surprise that they want to come back at any cost. The farmhouses and surrounding countryside of Cortona, where the film was set, are picture postcard perfect with their green unstapped fields and the wonderful views of the valley below. The idea of giving up a stressful job, fast-paced city life and all the negative effects that the combination of the two wreak on one’s health and well-being is only too appealing. A small farmhouse, some olive trees and a pace of life closer to what nature intended are quite an enticing change from noise, pollution and constant motion.

Finding the perfect setting for retirement or for escaping the “Big City Life” is easily done in , that’s a really welcoming place. While finding Diane Lane’s Cortona farmhouse may take a little more work for you than simply stepping off a tour bus and having a pigeon chose you as the buyer, it is not as formidable a task as one might think. A country house for sale in Cortona or any of the other beautiful Tuscan cities is not an unfamiliar site if you are looking for the perfect place to live with your family. The global increase in people concentrating in cities and leaving rural areas does have some positive effects. It leaves a higher number of picturesque, tranquil homes for those that have the gumption to get up and pursue the dream, and one hopes, have an experience as positive as in the film.

Being ready to retire is not a prerequisite for pursuing the dream, maybe you are able to work remotely in the increasingly internet based global economy. The option of looking out the window of your Italian villa in over a hillside of olive trees and vineyards could motivate just about anyone to pack up the pc and the 401k and start a Google search for “Farmhouses for sale “. The beauty of the rolling, verdant Tuscan hills; the charm and hospitality of the Italian people; the history, art and culture that are embedded in the region; and, of course, the world-renowned Italian cuisine are all inducements to sell the tract house, the condominium or high-rise apartment. When you make the decision and get ready to put the “For Sale” sign in your window and take down the sign that was in the window of a Tuscan home, your blood pressure, your spirit, and all of your friends and family that absolutely can not wait to visit you will thank you profusely.

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