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Real Estate?

Question by davoliopartners: Genuine Estate?
Im going to start a actual estate business in the Us.
Im Italian, i know as well the European Real Estate Market and the law, but i dont know the different laws in each single state.
Where i can come across the law and the guidelines for each and every single Us state?
Greatest [...]

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NJ – Jersey City: Journal Square – Loew’s Theater

Image by wallyg
The Loew’s Jersey Theatre opened in Jersey City on September 28, 1929. It was one of 5 Loew’s Wonder Theatres, a series of flagship movie palaces of movie theater baron Marcus Loew, and the only 1 constructed outside [...]

Finding Bargain Real Estate in Venice, Italy

by quapan
Locating bargain real estate in Venice, Italy
It lies barely a mile from the majestic heart of historic Venice, with its Palazzo Ducale, Bridge of Sighs, St Mark’s Basilica and St Mark’s Square – exactly where top apartments routinely change hands for Euro 7.5million.
Yet take a brief vaporetto ride and you could acquire a [...]

Corporate America and Real Estate What Do you Think?

Question by g-pianist: Corporate AMERICA and real estate what do you think?
Do you ever notice that there is that one road in every moderately sized town that’s just corporate america allll over. It’s busy and as your driving you will see one big company after Mcdonalds starbucks wal-mart taco bell Barnes and Nobel Target etc [...]

The real estate buying and selling

by wallyg
The real estate buying and selling
The real estate buying and selling
Buying and selling an house are very particular moments, these are actions that can have a very deep and long lasting impact on our life, so it is better to carefully consider every aspect before proceeding.
The real estate buying and selling acts, juridical speaking, [...]

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