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Corporate America and Real Estate What Do you Think?

Question by g-pianist: Corporate AMERICA and real estate what do you think?
Do you ever notice that there is that one road in every moderately sized town that’s just corporate america allll over. It’s busy and as your driving you will see one big company after Mcdonalds starbucks wal-mart taco bell Barnes and Nobel Target etc [...]

Why Do People Come to America?

by Ricardo Francone
Question by Ali: Why Do People Come to America?
Im Visiting My Grandma in Morocco. And I noticed alot of Stuff Different. Like Over here Candy,Soda is all Cheap. Like A Piece Of Candy is less than a 0.01$.(0.10Dirham in morocco)
My Grandpa’s house is a 2 Story Granite/Stone Home, 56 Years Old and [...]