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What can I name my real estate team?

Posted on | July 26, 2010 | No Comments

Question by Jennifer: What can I my estate team?
My friend & I are both estate agents & are forming a partnership. I need a that ends in the word group for our team. ( “_____ Group”). Some insite about us:
1. both females
2. we speak portuguese, polish, spanish & sicilian between us
3. we practice in NJ
4. Our names are Jennifer Nawracaj & Heloisa Pougy & we are part of ERA realty.
The ending in group is not necessary is there is a better option-it’s just what we prefer at the moment.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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Answer by Jes
I think the “From house to Home” because House names a building where someone lives… but when you sell someone a house it becomes a home because that is where they live….

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