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Slovenia Real Estate – Forecast to Grow by Up to 300% in the Next Decade

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Real Estate – Forecast to Grow by Up to 300% in the Next

real estate is more popular than ever with US, UK and other overseas property investors and with good reason:

was recently voted one of the top ten destinations in the world to invest in property and annual gains of 30 – 40% are being achieved. real estate is relatively cheap and the potential to make solid capital gains with low risk is creating a property boom, which we will look at in further detail in this article.

1. location

is located to the right of Italy, and also has borders with Croatia, Austria and Hungary. was formerly part of Yugoslavia and is noW an independent country and has recently become a member of the European Economic Union (EEC).

2. Geography

is a small compact country with diverse scenery. The country features snow capped mountains, dense alpine forest, rolling hills, beautiful lakes and valleys dotted with vineyards. There are lively towns and the beautiful capital Ljubljana, with its beautiful medieval streets, baroque architecture and soaring church spires.

3. Economy

position and recent membership of the EU has seen foreign capital investment increase and the country now boasts the highest growth rate of any new EU member. With a booming economy and tourism increasing the outlook for the economy of is one of strong sustained growth for the foreseeable future. It is this backdrop that is driving Slovenian real estate prices higher and attracting more and more overseas property investors.

4. Destinations

1. The capital Ljubljana

Offers great returns on investment, with prices predicted to increase by approximately 30% per annum for the next .

The limited supply of housing and restrictions on land development, are driving real estate prices higher. Quite simply, there is simply not enough quality housing to meet demand.

The rental market is also strong and “buy to let” investors can also make good solid income as well as capital growth potential.

2. Primorska

Primorska on the Adriatic coast and the mountain district of Gorenjska are also popular areas to buy Slovenian real estate.

3. Pohorje & Maribor

’s largest ski resort is located in the Pohorje Mountains and is the home to the popular Mariborsko Pohorje ski resort.

This area is known for its great white ski slopes, cross-country trails, which are located in an area of stunning beauty, amongst fairytale alpine forests and snow capped mountains dotted with valleys and clear pristine streams.

4. Maribor

Nearby, the city of Maribor is ’s second-largest city and one of the most popular places to buy real estate. Another popular ski resort is Kranjska Gora, located in Zgornjesavska one of the most beautiful of ’s many Alpine valleys.

There is something for everyone when it comes to buying real estate – from bustling cities, to popular ski resorts, to peaceful alpine retreats.

4. Buying Process

Buying property in is relatively straightforward and it normally takes around a month to complete a property purchase. Finance is available and there are many specialist Slovenian estate agents who now cater for foreign buyers. They can advice you on the best property to buy in terms of, your budget and investment aims.

An emerging market with strong growth potential

For those property investors seeking affordable prices and good future growth potential, real estate in has a lot to offer.If you are interested in overseas property investment, you will be interested in real estate and the potential it offers.


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