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Real Estate in Italy: How to Find Your Dream Home

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Real in Italy: How to Your Dream Home

Part of the Italian dream is that there are so many good options for buying Italian homes.

Do you want to live in one of the many great, beautiful cities of Italy? Do you want a nice piece of Italian real in an area not yet well known to non-Italians (and thus of a lower price)? Do you simply want a piece of property in Italy which you can develop yourself?

Shall it be along the coast? Or nearer the mountains? Just outside that special city that you fell in love with a long time ago? Or, for a bit more money, your dream Italian home right inside that special city.

In fact there are so many beautiful cities in Italy, from Sicily all the way to the Austrian border that I could take up this whole article just naming cities or towns that you can fall in love with. Do you want a city with a lot of excitement, culture, history? Or do you want to buy some Italian real in a quiet place where you can relax in the midst of some of the most rapturous nature in Europe? Nature that includes some of the highest mountains in Europe, or one of the longest coastlines in Europe. Or some of the most famous and placid lakes in Europe. Or… well, the list goes on.

As well as dream locations, you also have a wide variety of dream homes to choose from.

You may want a new house, or a completely restored house, or a house requiring renovation, which you would love to work on yourself.

Perhaps it would include a piece of land that you can garden or just have, as your back door nature reserve.

Shall you choose a historical Italian home, or a more modern one, as you may be living in?

Now a few specifics to consider.

Generally the more established places, such as Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Siena, Tuscany and others will be more expensive, especially if you want your Italian home in the city itself.

Southern Italian real will tend to be cheaper than similar property in the north.

Some of the areas that are just now coming into the radar of the non-Italian buyers include: Sardinia, Calabria, Puglia, Molise, Abruzzo, to name a few.

Besides location, there are various other factors to consider when buying Italian homes.

How easy is it to get to (either from your home country, or within Italy)? You might see where the bargain airlines from north Europe are flying to. This can be useful if you need to make several trips to Italy to your Italian home, or if you’ll be going back home frequently.

How is the rail as well as other transportation services? As is noted elsewhere, Italy is investing billions in rail improvements and in infrastructure especially in the South.

Also very important: who can you work with to buy your property in Italy? I suggest you contact a reputable agent who has dealt a lot with non-Italian buyers.

Also out details about property tax and currency exchange, for example. What sort of repairs will be needed? Make sure you people to work with who really know Italian real and legal matters, people whom you can trust.

Besides that, use whatever methods have worked for you in your home country, to make sure you that dream Italian home.


Annalisa Angellotti is a staff writer for Gate-Away, a company that provides property and real listings in all parts of Italy. If you are looking for property in Italy then be sure to visit for some great deals on Italian real .

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