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Can someone read my essay (a movie summary of a love story during the French Revolution)?

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by Ricardo Francone

Question by ♥: Can someone my essay (a movie summary of a love story the French Revolution)?
1789, the beginning of the French Revolution, the three different social classes, or estates, weren’t getting along. The Third Estate, the poorest of the three, was rebelling and protesting the laws of Louis XVI because of the unfair taxing put on their property. This film goes back in time to 1781, where Adeline Du Pont meets Emile Auclair-a young girl and boy, living in what seems to be a perfect world, oblivious to the real world of estates and laws. Adeline and Emile both live in France, and are both children of third estate parents. They are torn apart when Adeline’s sister marries into nobility, making her family become part of the Second Estate, causing the Du Pont’s to move. Emile and Adeline promise each other that they will meet again.

The story then continues in Emile’s point of view, showing the hardships and struggles he must go through to provide a stable home for his family. Emile’s mother must take care of his blind father, an ex-writer, meaning that Emile must work twice as hard to keep his home. As Emile grows up, his father tells him about Louis XVI, and how he is the man causing distress upon the Third Estate- rising bread prices, taxing on property, and terrible wages. Day after day, hearing his father’s rants about Louis, he decided he had to do something. He heard his cousin, Jacques Necker, was going to be appointed Louis’ financial expert. Emile helps Jacques come up with ideas of reducing extravagant court spending, reform government, and abolish burdensome tariffs on internal trade. They also came up with the idea of taxing the First and Second Estates- but this is what causes Jacques to be fired. This brings Emile’s hopes down, but he could not just stop here- he has to do what he can, not only for himself, but for his family and the Third Estate.

June 1789, when the National Assembly, which represented the people of the Third Estate, was formed, he hurries to the first meeting, along with his father, which takes place on a tennis court. Taking the Tennis Court Oath, Emile and his father swear never to separate and meet wherever the circumstances might require until they have established a sound and just constitution. In late August, the National Assembly issues the Declaration of the Rights of Man, which announces that all men are born equal and should enjoy natural rights to liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression.

On October 5, 1789, about six thousand women, and many men, including Emile, riot through the streets, coining the phrase “Bread!” demanding to see the King, but much of the anger is being directed towards Marie Antoinette, because she is ignorantly wasting money on personal interests. this riot, the crowd breaks into the house of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, the middle of a house party. The crowd is in search of Marie Antoinette, wanting her dead. Emile, who opposes violence, goes off to search, but rather takes time to look around, for never before being in a noble’s house. While on his tour, he finds a girl hiding the coat closet, begging for him to either kill her quickly, or spare her and let her go. As she talks, he recognizes her voice- the sweet, melodic voice of Adeline. He asks her name, but she refuses to give it to him, so he says that he is Emile Auclair. Adeline comes out from behind and asks him what he is doing there, but Emile is in too much of a hurry to find her an escape, not wanting her to die or be beheaded. He takes her to his house, and disguises her in peasant’s clothing. They plan an escape to Adeline’s country house in Italy- by foot. Once they make it there, they are so overwhelmed with joy, that they realize that the revolution was meant to happen, because if it wasn’t, he never would have been at the right place, at the right time, to save her. The years go on, showing their life as they grow older- Emile and Adeline Du Clair.

It was an assignment, it had to be four paragraphs, and have three dates.

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Answer by slickrickdesigns
wait for your teachers critic, that would be the most important one and most likely the best one.

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2 Responses to “Can someone read my essay (a movie summary of a love story during the French Revolution)?”

  1. SimplyAdam
    July 18th, 2010 @ 5:31 pm

    Too many commas, use some words to bridge the different parts of the sentences together, and also.. your teacher can google your essay and when they do the FIRST link that pops up would be you asking this question on yahoo answers.

  2. ilovelearning
    July 18th, 2010 @ 6:10 pm

    Your essay seems to nice enough. You did comply with the number of paragraphs and you were able to provide four dates …
    The first part isn’t too interesting… and the element of a love story seems to be missing. Though this was explained at the last paragraph…
    The fourth paragraph is the most interesting part… but I guess this is mainly because of the movie’s plot.
    Just make the first part a little more interesting… that’s my suggestion.

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