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Why Invest in Real Estate?

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Why in Real ?

A successful property investor would have a hundred answers to this question, but in this article we’ll glean only some major pros of real investment in the world’s prominent property markets. We’ll also see how a wise timely decision can make you rest upon your laurels and enjoy handsome regular incomes while staying in the comfort of your home.

Many see the current global financial crisis and the ‘failing’ property markets in the negative light and avoid taking risk of investing in property at this point of time. It’s true that property buyers and investors globally have reservations about putting their money into property and their concerns are quite understandable. But when we compare real investment with other forms of investment, we find that even in the present critical situation, property remains is one of the most lucrative businesses. Property markets are falsely being dubbed as ‘failing’, only they are not performing as good as they did a few months back.

There are many reasons why investment in property is still one of the safest investments, but the primary one is the population growth. World’s major property markets such as, UAE, Turkey, Italy, and Brazil etc, remaining immune to the current financial slump, are faring remarkably well and continue to thrive, though at a slower pace than before. These property markets are either financial or tourism centres and population in there is constantly on a rapid surge. Expatriates and tourists in these property hubs constitue a substantial portion of the total populace and are a key cause of the rising demand for property. As all these real centres are extremely business-friendly with a few even offering a tax-free environment, those who want to set up their business and also those in search of better employment opportunities gravitate to these countries.

This foreign influx in the shape of businessmen, job searchers, and tourists plays a major part in keeping the property business thriving. Demand for all types of residential and commercial property can only be seen going higher unaffected by the fall that other industries are currently facing. Buying the property, either for self use, or to rent out or resell, is still a safe investment and can bring the owner high margings of profits in a short period of time. Though the slowdown in real sector is undeniable, the situation may be a blessing in disguise for the investors and general buyers. As the property prices have lowered, it’s high time for them to in property and enjoy the ownership of a property and the fruits it can bear in the near future.

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