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Where To Buy East European Real Estate

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Where To Buy Real Estate

Now is proving to be an ideal time to buy real estate in Eastern Europe. The current real estate prices are affordable, yet home values are increasing at a pace that makes a house or apartment a legitimate investment property.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent home, a vacation getaway or a revenue-producing rental property, now is a great time to buy property in Russia, Turkey or Romania. real estate can be found for as little as 40,000 euros and industry experts expect market values to increase dramatically in the next 20 years.

Finding Homes In Russia

Homes in Russia can vary greatly, but some areas are still seeing property value increases of 10-30%. Are you interested in an apartment or flat in the middle of a city or is a detached, single family home in the country more your style? Once you decide what type of home you’re looking for, contact an real estate agency for help in searching for homes in Russia.

A real estate agency can help with all steps in finding homes in Russia. Buying real estate in Russia can be different than in the United States so look for a company that has experience in Russia and is familiar with the language and local customs. If you’re inexperienced in buying foreign real estate, your real estate agent can help you learn about homes in Russia.

Buying Turkey Villas

Turkey villas are quickly becoming the newest hot spot for Mediterranean vacationers. Turkey is usually less expensive than the better known vacation destinations like Spain, France or Italy. Turkey is known as having some of the most beautiful coastline where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas come together, making a beach-front Turkey villa an ideal place to live or vacation.

The cost of living in Turkey is between 40-60% less than the rest of continental Europe. Paired with the rising appreciation of 10-15% in the large cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir and 20% or more in the suburban areas, Turkey villas are proving to be an excellent investment.

Looking For Property In Romania

Property in Romania isn’t being built fast enough to keep up with the high demand for homes. Now is the best time to get into a home or apartment because the value of property in Romania is expected to quadruple in the next 10 years. Some have increased by 25% in just the past four years.

Still, property in Romania is known as being relatively inexpensive when compared to American prices. Couple this with the fact that many Romanian banks now offer a 100% mortgage and property in Romania is well within the reach of many Americans looking for real estate in Eastern Europe.

Buying real estate can be easily found to use as a permanent home, vacation spot or even a rental property. Whether you’re looking at homes in Russia, Turkey villas or property in Romania, real estate in Eastern Europe is well within your reach.

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