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Corporate America and Real Estate What Do you Think?

Posted on | November 29, 2010 | 1 Comment

Question by g-pianist: Corporate AMERICA and real what do you think?
Do you ever notice that there is that one road in every moderately sized town that’s just corporate america allll over. It’s busy and as your driving you will see one big company after Mcdonalds starbucks wal-mart taco bell Barnes and Nobel Target etc etc…. They always choose that STREET whatever busy street that may be for you in YOUR TOWN because they are a PRIME business location !!! My question is what will entreprenuers do about this?? Also think about THIS now as things keep getting more dense in space will we start making more MALL type inside of buildings type businesses. Perhaps if wal-mart dies like K-mart did it will mean more malls and small SHOPS in the end. The only reason we have this big corporate America is becasue america is wealthy with a LOT OF SPACE AND REAL . At least we have a lot compared to say ITALY cause they don’t have business like that there JUST A BUNCH OF SMALL shops equivalent to say hot topic or zumiez at best. Opinions? what will happen

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Answer by da_e_knows
franchises exists because consumers want them. as americans we “consume” a lot and waste a lot that is why these corporations thrive. they fit the current american culture. entrepreneurs can join in the fun and open their own franchise.

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One Response to “Corporate America and Real Estate What Do you Think?”

  1. exactduke
    November 29th, 2010 @ 9:14 am

    Jeez, of course wal-mart, mcdonalds, all these other places are going to choose prime locations. Who wants to drive 30 mi off in the boondocks to go to these?? People go to these stores because they offer the products they want, at prices they can afford.

    It is capitalism, that is the way it works. How many mom & pop places would one have to go to for all the items they can get in wal-mart – several dozen?? People want convience they don’t want to drive several dozen places. If wal-mart, mcdonald’s wern’t giving people want they needed, they would soon cease to exist.

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