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Map of Italy?

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Check out these map of images:

Map of ?
map of italy

Image by Tim Green aka atoach
or perhaps a boot? Fallen tree in Brearley Wood, Midgley.

Kircher “Tarantula music cure”
map of italy

Image by Chemical Heritage Foundation
This image shows top and botton views of a Tarantula spider, under a map of that includes the city of Taranto. The music at the top is the "antidote Tarantula". The dance music tune is played to cure the spider’s victim. the image appears in Athanasius Kircher, 1602-1680, Magnes sive, De arte magnetica opus tripartitum, 2nd edition, Coloniae Agrippinae: Apud Jodocum Kalcoven, 1643. Kircher was Jesuit who was interested in many areas of science. He was a prolific author.

There are many beautiful plates of varied content associated with this work. To view them, please visit the Othmer Library’s online public catalog at :

Photograph by Douglas A. Lockard.

From The Roy G. Neville Historical Chemical Library, Othmer Library of Chemical History, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, PA. CHF is a nonprofit library, museum, and center for scholars dedicated to the history of chemistry. For more information, visit


The Gallery of Maps
map of italy

Image by renecunningham
The Gallery of Maps is a room found in the Belvedere Courtyard in the Vatican Museum containing a series of painted topographical maps of based on drawings by friar and geographer Ignazio Danti. The maps were commissioned in 1580 by Pope Gregory XIII.

The length of the room is 120m. The ceiling is stunning and grabs your attention as you enter the room.


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