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Cycling Passion In Italy

Posted on | November 12, 2010 | No Comments

In Italy

In Italy

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In Italy

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Posted: Oct 07, 2007 |Comments: 0



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In Italy

By: Pensare Web Srl Pensare Web Srl

About the Author

This article was written by Alessia Braia that work for Holidays in Italy

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Article Source: – In Italy

Cyclotourism is a fresh new way to discover the wonders of Italy- during a hearty bike ride. This latest concept in tourism combines holiday fun and enjoyment together with a healthy sport.
A number of cities throughout Italy are at the heart of the development of activity holidays, attracting those who are passionate about through a vast swathe of events and initiatives.

Several hotels have been opened in order to respond to peaks in demand during the competition season. These Italy Bike Hotels are well known in Italy and throughout Europe. Each one strives to provide guests with a complete range of services including laundry, bike shelters, technical clothing, path maps and everything you could possibly wish for after a hard days’ bike ride, from massages to high energy meals.

Italy Bike Hotels can be found in almost every region of Italy, dotted along a range of bike routes. In Emilia Romagna cyclists will find accommodation along the “Giro del San Giovese”, the “Nine Hills” as well as along a host of inland routes. The “Giro delle Dolomiti” is the most famous path in Trentino. Many others can be found in the Marche and Puglia.

This fantastic combination of routes and appropriately located accommodation services is designed to ensure that tourists can truly see the very best of each region. At Bike Hotels, guests can cycle easy and more challenging routes and they will have the chance to savour local enogastronomic products.

Let us look in more detail at the services provided by bike hotels in Italy, and just what we can expect from a true biking holiday.

Every day at a bike hotel is action packed, and services include:

- Maps of various routes which range in difficulty
- expert guides which accompany guests and athletes along well trodden or undiscovered paths.
- professional bikes for athletes
- technical clothing and equipment
- bike shelter and repair garage
- high energy meals
- gyms, massages and wellness centers in order to reduce muscle tension

Traveling in Italy is truly an excellent way to discover the best of every region. For those who are passionate about , the time has come to experience Italy under a whole new light.

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(ArticlesBase SC #228437)

Pensare Web Srl Pensare Web Srl -
About the Author:

This article was written by Alessia Braia that work for Holidays in Italy

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