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italian real estate companies
by wallyg

Today’s Real

Today’s Real

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Today’s Real

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Posted: Dec 17, 2008 |Comments: 0



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Today’s Real

By: Daniel I Edwards

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“ has bin a Source for Flipping Houses Into Cash – Since 2001 -”


 You can Buy-Fix-Sell & Finance Real right here. House Buyers and Sellers Network here. is a short term for a place where Real Investors can find real values in real services. Any one who has an interest in Real will find it to be a useful tool to work with. Through it’s on-line forms and data base it matches Motivated House Sellers with Real Investors and offers Investors a nationwide database of Hungry House Buyers for wholesaling their Properties to. Investors can now, do real wholesaling / Flipping Houses directly from their online account. The data base also matches; home owner’s home repair needs, with pre screened Contractors and Handyman, it matches Investor’s and Home owner’s loan financing needs, with Lenders and Mortgage Brokers, and it offers a 30 day Free Advertising in the Classified Section. Serious Real Investors, Mortgage Brokers and Contractors, should consider opening up an Account at and start Profiting from more Real Transactions. Other specific services and products provided includes; Sell Houses Fast Without a Realtor, Handyman Special For Sale, Fixer Upper Houses, Investment Properties, Income Properties and Wholesale Houses for sale, Fixer Upper Homes, Flipping houses, wholesaling houses, REO for sale, Foreclosure houses for sale, Investing in foreclosures, Bank Owned Houses for sale, house buyer and sellers network, “We Buy Raggedy Houses”, Wholesaling Houses, flipping house tips, Learn To Wholesale, Investing in Real . Fast Home Loans, Investor’s Hard Equity Loans, Hard Money loans, Buy a House, Fix a House, Sell a House, Real Financing and Free Real Investor’s Classified Advertising.


Founder, Daniel I Edwards Says -  ”Find and Buy Wholesale Houses, Fixer Upper Houses & Investment Properties, just right for wholesaling, Flipping or cash flowing at today’s low prices, and Profit! Enjoy happy house hunting here and make it a Win, Win Deal, Always! “


Are you a retail real investor with a constant need for a steady supply of discount properties? Are you a handy person looking to make some money on fixing up and selling, wholesaling, flipping or holding and managing real for long term income?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, we specialize in marketing to acquire real at discounts that will satisfy your wholesaling or flipping houses needs. We then assign these great deals to people just like you. To be kept informed of the investor’s and Handyman Real Specials that we acquire from time to time, just sign up. Sign up for our current list of Foreclosures, Handyman Specials, Fixer Uppers, wholesale Houses, just right for Flipping, wholesaling, or cash flowing.


All house buyers should have the ability to close quickly on the house that they want to buy. If you are wholesaling houses and flipping houses you must act quickly. The prices offered on these houses are for a limited time only. All prices are subject to dramatic increase because of additional holding, profit and closing cost. In order to lock-in these low prices all house buyers should be willing and able to sign contract and make deposits immediately upon inspection and due diligence of each house. Remember each contract is subject to buyers inspection. Wholesaling and Flipping houses means having your ducks in a row. House buyers should also have Cash, Hard Equity or conventional financing in place or you can apply for financing here.  Your Flipping; foreclosures, Fixer Uppers & Wholesaling; Short Sale Deals, starts here! Sign Up to Search and Post Houses Free! Happy house hunting!


 Multi-million dollar flips in the news;   Search Nationwide Foreclosure Listings   An Italian real mogul is hoping to pull off one of the biggest property flips in New York history. Businessman Luigi Zunino is said to be scouting for a new buyer for his 10,000 square foot apartment in Manhattan’s newly revamped Plaza – even though he doesn’t own it yet. And he’s attaching a tidy 0 million price tag, the wall Street Journal reported yesterday. Condos in the luxury Fifth Ave. development have been selling for between ,000 and ,000 per square foot, and some of the flush buyers include Bear Stearns chairman James Cayne and developer Harry Macklowe. Zunino’s asking price would value his third floor property at roughly ,000 per square foot and, if it were to sell, would likely be a record for a piece of New York residential real . Zunino is CEO of Milan-based real company Risanamento S.P.A. and received an Italian knighthood recognizing professional excellence in 2003. He has a contract to buy an apartment at the luxury condo development. Trying to reach out to strategic buyers who might be willing to come in on the deal, or take over the property from the day the contract is signed, is not uncommon, he said. These techniques are closely guarded by the handful of real professionals who use them to their advantage on small flips as well as multimillion dollar deals. Study the following techniques well, and put them to work for you. You too, can flip your way to financial success. Soon you will realize the freedom that extra cash through “Liquid Cash In Raggedy Houses” can bring. Order Your copy of Liquid cash in raggedy houses now! Star Flipping Foreclosures! Cash in on today’s foreclosures. Click here:  Liquid Cash In Raggedy Houses” It’s all about You!  




“You stand a better chance of making it big when you run against the grain! Buy Low when every one else is selling. Sell high when every one starts buying. Millionaires are made in this way.” - Daniel I Edwards 2008 

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Daniel I Edwards -
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