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The real estate buying and selling

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The estate and selling

The estate and selling

and selling an house are very particular moments, these are actions that can have a very deep and long lasting impact on our life, so it is better to carefully consider every aspect before proceeding.

The estate and selling acts, juridical speaking, are plain juridical legal document drawn up by an individual and they wouldn’t necessitate the intervention of a third person, despite the one of notary at the moment of the signs notarize. However the matter is quite complex and delicate, so it would be advisable to consult a lawyer for the preparation of acts of compromise and deed. The compromise is the preliminary contract, or promise of sale, while the deed is the act of sale itself.

A different figure is the one of the estate agent, not essential but very useful to the aim that supply and demand in the housing market can match. In any case, on both sides, always better not to limit his freedom of action with “irrevocable promise” or “exclusive assignments”. Activity management is a delicate moment for the agency, especially in this time when even the outbreak of the estate bubble is feared, manage property and customers in an appropriate manner is essential. In fact, it is very important to provide customers with proposals as close as possible to their needs and expectations, to be able to carry out the business.

Last data says that in the big cities the timing of sales are around 138 days, in growth compared to 128 days registered exactly one year ago. These data provide us with the idea of what now has been happening for months on the estate market: the larger supply of homes allows the buyer having more choice and deferring purchases until the house is “suitable” to his own needs. To this we have to consider also that the gap between the demands of potential vendors and the availability of potential buyers spending involves longer negotiations and inevitably the time needed to complete the purchase lengthens. In light of these data is clear that a correct method for the company management is the key to success.

In a market in which transactions are slowing down or in any case are in clear decrease in comparison to last years, also adopt some correct strategies is decisive to carry on as many commercial transactions as possible. and selling seem to decrease, this is a sign of a frozen market, but quotations don’t seem to be much irritated by this. The case of Milan appears to be almost anomalous, because here house’s prices still increased of 2%, especially if compared to London. In the British capital, house’s prices in December decreased of 5%. The crisis seems to spare, at least in part, the Italian estate market.

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