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List of Top 3 Italian Real Estate sites and directories

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If you are looking to buy or sell  a home in Italy or just want to get more information about , take a look at our Top 3 List:


Begin your search for real estate in Italy with these top 3 real estate classified sites covering a big chunk of the Italian retail market – the classified sites are currently available only in Italian:
The most well known classifieds portal. We like the recently applied slight modifications in design and usability. Part of the REA Group of companies, it holds on to the number one spot of our list regarding traffic and listings in Italy.
One of the biggest classified real estate sites in Italy, together with sister site eureKasa recently gaining ground and with a very user-friendly and powerful search-function. According to our estimates, currently this is the second largest real estate classified site in Italy.
The classified real estate portal of the Pirelli & C. Real Estate group still is one of the biggest classified sites when looking for houses, flats, villas or condos in Italy – but it does not attract the sheer amount of traffic and visiblity the two other sites mentioned before do.

TOP 3 DIRECTORIES Real Estate agents
Worldwide real estate companies directory and property buyers and sellers guide.
The Italian property site
Tuscany Real Estate And Italian Property For Sale

This list was compiled with the help, statistical data and market informations provided by

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