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Can a Person Make a Good Living Working Full Time in Real Estate?

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Question by mfs1004: Can a Make a Good Living Full Time in Real Estate?
I decided to change my career for a realtor salesperson…I’m started taking classes actually taking my 75 new york state real estate salesperson course and for now I think the course seems interesting…Many people from the real estate company told me that i will be a great salesperson specially for my personality( I’m very friendly, outgoing, I can sale anything lol and I can speak 4 languages: English- Spanish- Italian- Portuguese and a little French) Now please if you are as a real estate salesperson , can you tell me if is a little difficult to sale houses when you are new? why this manager from a good real estate office email me always and he wants me to work for him?for the real estate agency will be a good thing for them if I work for them? what is the commission for each house i will sale? it Is true that many real estate salesperson with the years of work can they make more than$ 200,000. per year?..Please I need a good advice about it…thanks

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Answer by ibu guru
Yes, it is possible to build up a good career in real estate. It takes time, a great deal of effort, plus creativity. You need to develop your marketing campaigns to market yourself as a great real estate agent, and to market the properties so you can make sales.

Commissions are divided between listing brokerage and selling brokerage. These are further divided between the agent and the agent’s supervising broker.

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