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Why Do People Come to America?

by Ricardo Francone
Question by Ali: Why Do People Come to America?
Im Visiting My Grandma in Morocco. And I noticed alot of Stuff Different. Like Over here Candy,Soda is all Cheap. Like A Piece Of Candy is less than a 0.01$.(0.10Dirham in morocco)
My Grandpa’s house is a 2 Story Granite/Stone Home, 56 Years Old and [...]

Q&A: Help me Edit This!!?

Question by 6DNAL: Help me Edit This!!?
I have to write an essay for school. I need some proffesional editing help. Tell me how I can improve the following two paragraphs:
“Born in 1943, during one of the biggest battles in history, I was the first and only child of Maria and Vincenzo Emanuele. I was born [...]

San Diego Real Estate Revamped

by Ricardo Francone
San Diego Real Estate Revamped
The real estate in San Diego is among the most luxurious in the country. Particularly in downtown San Diego there’s real estate with a variety of assets to offer. There’s been a revamp of homes, hotels, condos, and apartments in San Diego that has made it more beneficial [...]

Case in vendita, Houses on sale

Check out these real estate prices italy images:
Case In Vendita, Houses In Sale

Image by Ricardo Francone
Case in vendita al Mare, San Felice Circeo, Latina Italia. Houses in sale to the Sea, St. Felice Circeo, Latina Italy.
Photo by Ricardo Francone.
Lajos (Louis) Kossuth

Image by dbking
Lajos “Louis” Kossuth (Ľudovít Košút in Slovak) (Monok, September 19, 1802–Turin, March 20, [...]

Slovenia Real Estate – Forecast to Grow by Up to 300% in the Next Decade

by Hєคשєภlא Pђ๏t๏ﻮгคקђא©
Slovenia Real Estate – Forecast to Grow by Up to 300% in the Next Decade
Slovenia real estate is more popular than ever with US, UK and other overseas property investors and with good reason:

Slovenia was recently voted one of the top ten destinations in the world to invest in property and [...]

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