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I’m Italian and I look for a job?

Question by YesICan: I’m Italian and I appear for a job?
Hello, I am a girl of 31 years old from Milan (Italy), I love travel, I know a bit of English and French (each to be improved). I operate in the genuine estate market from ten years, now I do auctions and actual estate investments.
I [...]

How would one go about buying a house in Italy/France?

Question by A A: How would 1 go about purchasing a home in Italy/France?
Just a small house…looking to spend around 300,000 euros…I have no notion what the housing marketplace over there is like.
Would you have to grow to be a citizen? What sort of genuine estate web sites are there? thanks
Greatest answer:
Answer by fsantagata2001I live [...]

Flip This House – Be Willing To Work

If your idea of getting rich is buying this house, renovating it and then shouting to the heavens, “Please let me flip this house!”, you are definitely on the right track. Flipping houses is a very lucrative business. It used to be more so before the economy took a turn for the worse but if [...]

Real Estate Investing Ideas For Profit

Real estate investing is a great way to earn some extra money for you and your family. The current recession has made acquiring properties easier than ever but on the flip side has made selling the properties more difficult after they have been fixed up.
Property values have dropped significantly and to the point where homes [...]

what would happen if europe and china collapse ?

Question by Goku 56: what would happen if europe and china collapse ?
well we all know about piigs – portugal,ireland,italy,greece and spain. They have potential danger of collapse and infecting euro zone. Also in the far east china is burning hot and potential of bubble are forming in real estate market and financial market. So [...]

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