Italian Real Estate

Alternative Investments Can Be Your Safety Net

When looking into investing in your future, you may want to include alternative investments in your portfolio. If you started out investing in real estate you may just want to diversify and get multiple streams of income adding to your net worth.
Have you ever known anyone who collects stamps or coins? How about anyone who [...]

Property Investment Funds May Be Your Ticket

If you are a property investor and find that your ability to move fast on any given property is inhibited by lack of funds, you may want to consider pooling resources with other investors and creating property investment funds.
The major purpose of pooling resources is to increase your buying power and have more leverage than [...]

Commercial Property Investment – Not Just For The Rich

If you are considering commercial property investment opportunities in Italy or worldwide the following information may be of importance to you.
Commercial investment opportunities include those in retail, industrial, and office space each has it’s own unique set of circumstances you need to be aware of to compare opportunities and get the best deals.
You need to [...]

It’s Shiny and Green in Turkey’s Real Estate Picture

It’s Shiny and Green in Turkey’s Real Estate Picture
With the real estate and financial problems in the U.S., and similar troublesome economic news around the world, it’s a refreshing change of pace to read upbeat news from Turkey. Particularly now, with the residential market problems beginning to rear their heads in the U.S. Commercial real [...]